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Directories and search engines where you can find what you are looking for and, if you are a webmaster, submit your site. The directories have a great importance in the history of Internet, while they initially were the main point to start surfing, and to find usable information about other sites. One of the most important directory was, and is yahoo.com, that made a revolution in the Internet searching. Today directories are very important for webmasters that, submitting their sites, receive traffic and increase page rank popularity of them. For a webmaster, the today's most important directory is dmoz.org that passes very good page rank. The problem is that the waiting to be listed is became enormous, more then six months, in some sections, more then one year.

The text in the previous paragraph is practically historical and I want to leave it here, even if there is some information that is no longer correct, as a testimony of the past times: how the web was in its beginnings. Immediately after the start of this project, I added this category because many managers asked me to insert their site in a specific section, giving more meaning to the link. I did it right away. This page after a few years was the richest in the whole directory. But what happened if you see it like this today? They exchanged references with me, but after a few months, I could no longer find mine. It also happened in the other categories, but in this was a rule. I put you on and after a while, hoping you don't notice it, I take you off. But I am careful and I control the situation. That's why the result is that you see a lot of white and a bit of black.