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Two jokes from the site www.a-jokes.com: great humor! Life is always a tough thing, but in the last two years, with the global pandemic we live in, it has become even more difficult and for some almost unbearable. Therefore our aim is to entertain you, make you laugh, be relaxed and happy, at least for a few minutes, preferably a few hours, if we can do it. Perhaps it is a good thing that we have the global network that allows us to reach all over the world, a lot of content that informs us, educates and entertains us. I said "maybe" because I'm not always sure it's the right thing as I often see alienated people, attached to the Internet and social networks and I have the feeling that they lose the true congnition of the environment around them.

Therefore, here is the first proposal. At www.a-jokes.com you will find the sio that is simply called Jokes, short stories that make people laugh as they are based on an unexpected epilogue, an alternative interpretation, a double meaning, or the absurdity of what happened. The ironic and sarcastic elements are often present. The humor you will find is superb and is divided into themes, for example there are the jokes about sex, Scots, policemen, doctors and so on, all for your entertainment, to make your days more amusing and relaxing. But there are also free games, puzzles, fun stories and pictures. Come and enjoy this site together with more then 2000 other daily visitors.

The site is multilingual and there are variants in Italian and in Croatian / Serbian which are even richer than the English edition. In the footer of the first page you will find the relative links and if you do not understand these languages, you can always use an automatic translator. In the end, to give you the first taste of the humor you will find, in the image on the left there are two jokes taken from there.

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